Wednesday, March 16, 2005

New Update

Well, as this 3 month run comes to an end.. Im starting to not want to come off the program. I have lost so much weight, and im starting to feel so much better. So I think I going to try something a little diffrent, Im going to start introducing carbs back into my diet by only eating carbs 1 meal a day, and im not going to go crazy.... Maybe this way I will keep loosing weight and be able to enjoy some of the foods I love. Also, I have started to work out at my compays workout room. I know I have to take it slow starting but...I know its helping. Here are my stats as of today. I hope to have some new photos soon.

Body PartSize (11/8/04)(3/16/05)Change
Total Inches:255.75223.7532.0
Weight520 (1/18/05)487-33

All measurements are done in pounds and inches.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

490 and still going down!

I have great news.... I have hit the 490 mark and its still going down! This week has been kinda tough, I have started to get sick of the double cheese burgers from Mc Donalds but, then I look at the weight I have lost and Its worth it.

Also this week my mother made me a deal, When I get down to 350Lbs she will get me a Leather Bommer Jacket. I know bribes are the best method of encouragement, but It never hurts:) I am doing this for me, that is the only way I have been able to keep going.

Well here are my current stats:

Body PartSize (11/8/04)Size (3/2/05)Change
Total Inches:255.75232.25-23.5
Weight520 (1/18/05)490-30

All measurements are done in pounds and inches.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The New Begging

Hello everyone,

I'm so sorry that I have not been keeping my blog upto date. Let me fill you in on what's been going on. On January 18th. I started the new round, my weight had gone all the way back up to 520Lbs. I had totally fallen off the train. After dusting my self off I got back on.
By January 25th I had lost a full of 12 Lbs, bring me down to 508Lbs. I was hitting with all that I could. I went from 3 double cheese burgers (Without the Buns) to 2.

On February 1st I had lost another 4Lbs bring me down to 506Lbs. I was a little disappointed, but still 16Lbs in 2 weeks... I can't complain at all.

On Feb 8th is were I started to run into problems. I was starting to have problems with my back. I think that I had lost so much weight so fast that my body couldn't keep up. I was starting to use the mussels in my back more and more, and I wasn't letting my stomach carry the weight while I was sitting any more. Because it has been so long, I'm sure that my back mussels have atrophied over time. So over the new week I started working on some streching exercises and I started to be come more and more flexible.

On Feb 15th I did it. I broke the 500 barrier, I made it down to 496Lbs! This is less that what I weight at the end of my last attempt before thanksgiving. It has cleared a mile stone I had be fighting for so long.

finally, We're cought up. I'm down to 493Lbs as of Monday morning, I will do an update tomorrow with my current measurements, photos, and official weight. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Well..... It looks like part 2 is a complete and utter failure..... It all started on Tuesday, 12/7/04 I was late coming home from work because a project I wanted to rap up. I ended up leaving work around 2:30am Tuesday morning about 3 hours late... When I got into my car, it just didn't feel right, but I shrugged it off as me being tired and started to drive home. So, I'm driving home in one of the heaviest fog conditions I can remmber since leaving Seattle, when I hear a nocking sound from the front part of my car. As I'm truing off the radio, and heater it starts getting louder and faster, so I start to slow down because I was easily doing around 80 mph and that is not a good time to have something go wrong. As I start to slow down my car starts to virbrate and bounce, so I pull it over into the shoulder on the fast lane.... As it turns out I have shredded my drivers side tire, and it is smoking pile of rubber. So there I sat in the middle of the fog, waiting for someone to help me out because I can not get to my spare tire do to my rear door being seized. After getting a cop to call my parents (Yea... I'm stuck living at home) and getting them to give me a ride home. They asked me out for breakfast and I broke down, and ate French Toast..... It was so good... And I have not been able to get back on the diet since..... So my current plans are to try and hold my weight between hear and the end of the year and go all out starting the first of the year....

Monday, December 06, 2004

Starting Part 2

Well, Thanksgiving is over, and I have found my self eating way to much again.... Turkey, Stuffing, Corn casserole, Bread, Pizza, Grinders, Pizza, and Pie!!!!! It was my plan to start part 2 on the Monday after Thanksgiving, but do to my employer putting me in classes for a new product we will be supporting I decided to put it off a week. Switching my sleep schedule my normal 6 am to 1pm to having to be at work by 9am, .... Ouch.... It sucked.

So I spent the week eating out and doing all kinds of bad things to my body. I know that this is a bad thing, but on the bright side, I didn't gain any inches, I lost the inches before thanksgiving and not after.... Yea... That's the ticket..... Oh Well it on to Part 2. It will run until Dec. 23 at witch point I will be off until Jan 3 the Day after my birthday.

Here are the numbers for anyone who is keeping track.

Body PartSize (11/8/04)(12/6/04)Change
Total Inches:255.75252.0-3.75
Weight501 (11/23/04)51918

All measurements are done in pounds and inches.


Side View (shirt off)

Front View (shirt off)

Thursday, November 25, 2004

The first big push is over.

Wow.... Its over... I have made it to my fist goal and it is time to party!!!! From here until Monday I will be off the low carb diet do to the holidays. It will be interesting to see how much damage is done to my progress with 1 day of feasting and 3 days of my old eating habits. I know I'm not going to be able to eat as much as I did in the past do to my stomach shrinking. I just hope my eyes are not to much larger than my stomach.

Here are the ending result for the first push.

Body PartSize (11/8/04)(11/25/04)Change
Total Inches:255.75233.0-22.75

All measurements are done in pounds and inches.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The scale is here

Well sports fans... Its official 501 lb. Is the new starting point for this challenge. It's a shame that I did not have a reliable scale at the start of this round... Oh well Its a good starting point.